5 Best Online Shopping Websites in Singapore

Online shopping is not only more convenient but it also tends to be cheaper too! Here are 5 best online shopping sites in Singapore to get the most bang for your buck!

Attention all shopaholics! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have recently passed but there’s always energy for more shopping, right? If you’re hunting for good deals for the upcoming 12.12 sale, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best online shopping sites in Singapore for you. Read on to find out more!

Best Online Shopping Sites in Singapore for Cheap Deals

If there’s one thing I love more than shopping, it’s when I manage to snag a good deal. If this resonates with you strongly, rejoice! The following 3 on our best online shopping sites in Singapore list will be right up your alley.

1. Lazada

Lazada is the one-stop online shopping site to fulfil all your shopping desires. Electronic devices, home appliances, toys, fashion… Lazada has them all and more! Gone are the days of trudging your way down the aisles of the departmental store. Now, with just a scroll of your mouse, you can view a wide variety of items at the comfort of your house.

At LazMall, you can browse and buy products from renowned brands. For example, you can buy a pair of sweet Converse sneakers, Estee Lauder perfume, or heck—even an Apple watch!

Did you know that you can even do your grocery shopping on Lazada? We’ve all had days where we just feel too lazy to head down to the supermarket to get groceries. Thanks to Lazada, you can say goodbye to long queues at the cashier. Simply check out your groceries at RedMart and wait for their delivery. In the meantime, you can spend the saved time for more relaxation at home.

Lastly, Lazada also has goods from Taobao. Yes, the legendary Chinese site with deals so good you could cry. However, some of us may not have been able to enjoy these deals because of language barriers. Not to worry, you can have your Taobao fix through Lazada. Just like Taobao, you can look forward to amazingly low prices. For example, a pair of male sneakers on Lazada x Taobao is listed at a mere $6.80!

2. Shopee

I don’t know about you, but just the sight of the word ‘Shopee’ instantly sends the now-famous Shopee song ringing loudly in my brain (Thanks, Phua Chu Kang). Indeed, Shopee has rapidly grown to become one of the more well-known shopping sites in Singapore. Their popularity is easy to understand – there are simply so many good deals on Shopee!

You can practically get everything you need on Shopee. Their wide catalogue allows you to browse easily for any item your mind can dream of. Think groceries, kitchen appliances, arts and crafts, clothes… … the list literally stretches on!

Moreover, Shopee tends to offer loads of neat vouchers that you can use to save even more money! Some shops even offer cashback in terms of Shopee coins that you can use to offset your next purchase. If you have the Shopee mobile app, you can also take part in some of their in-app games. Apart from passing time, you can also earn rewards through these fun games!

Hence, if you’re looking for the best online shopping sites in Singapore for the most value-for-money buys, look no further than Shopee.

3. Ezbuy

Like Lazada, Ezbuy easily connects consumers to goods on Taobao. You no longer need to spend hours google translating words on Taobao. Ezbuy seamlessly overlooks the whole process from packing to delivery of your item.

Like the other two shopping sites, Ezbuy is a treasure trove of a wide range of items. Here, you can find furniture, beauty products, electronics, groceries, pet food, stationery, vehicle parts…The list is just endless! It’s like having an entire mall in the palm of your hand.

Like Shopee, Ezbuy also has an e-coins system. These e-coins can be used to offset the price of your purchase! Thanks to their cheap products and easy-to-understand reward system, Ezbuy ranks high on our list of best online shopping sites in Singapore.

Best Online Shopping Sites in Singapore for Free Refunds

4. Zalora

Are you an aspiring fashionista? In a dire need for a change of your wardrobe? Then, Zalora would be one of the best online shopping sites in Singapore for you.

You can find practically everything at Zalora. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories – heck, even beauty products like makeup, nail polish and perfume! For those looking to pamper themselves, Zalora does offer a luxury collection where you can find brands like Balenciaga, Moschino, Coach and more.

Moreover, Zalora stands out from the rest of the online shopping sites thanks to its free return/refund policy. Yes, you read that right – free! I’m sure we can all relate to the dreadful experience of ordering clothes online, eagerly counting down for its arrival, only to be disappointed when the item doesn’t fit you right when you finally try it on. Fret not, for you can be assured that you only pay for items you’re truly happy with when you shop at Zalora. Zalora offers free and easy returns within 30 days (7 days for pre-loved items) after delivery. No questions asked either so everything’s just really seamless and easy!

Indeed, Zalora would be one of the best online shopping sites in Singapore for a pleasant shopping experience. Especially if you’re a chronic sufferer of consumer regret, Zalora would be a good choice for you!

Best Online Shopping Sites in Singapore for Local Deals

5. Carousell

Developed right here in Singapore, Carousell can be said to be something of a local star. Founded in 2012, the app has steadily grown and has now even expanded to serve consumers overseas. Arguably, it can be said that Carousell is the OG online shopping site to find cheap deals.

Instead of dealing with registered shops/brands as with other online shopping sites in Singapore, here, you can buy all sorts of items from sellers who are just everyday folk like you and I. Thanks to the casual nature of interaction, it also means that the prices tend to be more flexible! Ask nicely and some sellers may be generous enough to give you a discount or throw in free mail. Of course, this is assuming that you make the request in a respectful and reasonable manner! (Psst, don’t try to immediately haggle for 50% off an item – this usually doesn’t work, and you might end up with an earful from the seller!)

Furthermore, Carousell is also one of the best online shopping sites in Singapore to find items that other sites typically don’t carry. The items people list up for sale on Carousell can seriously be beyond what one can imagine. From handmade trinkets, to vintage accessories, old books that are out of print now, memorabilia from obscure events… delve right in to discover a multitude of interesting items for sale. Indeed, Carousell truly embodies the adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!


Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to the best online shopping websites in Singapore. To get the best deal, we suggest comparing prices across the various sites, given that many of them are selling similar items!

If you’re looking to shop for clothes online, you can check out our list of top blogshops in Singapore as well.

Did we miss out on any online shopping websites? Share more with us in the comments below!

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