15 Best Blogshops in Singapore to Shop For Clothes

When the going gets tough, the tough go online shopping.

Let’s face it, the way we shop is evolving. In times of a pandemic, the trend towards online shopping is set to continue. This is especially so as e-commerce plays an even larger role in the “new normal”. We all have to adapt to life with the coronavirus. Besides, it is definitely safer and wiser to stay at home as much as possible. Thus, here comes online shopping platforms like blogshops in Singapore to the rescue! 

Blogshops in Singapore are booming in times like these. These local online stores are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a fresh perspective to clothing. At the same time, they cater to Singaporeans’ unique styles and sizes. 

Furthermore, they are simply so convenient. No need to travel, no make-up, no problem! And finally, who doesn’t like to wake up to surprise deliveries? It’s like unwrapping a present every time you receive a package, amirite?

However, with so many blogshops in Singapore, where do you even begin? Fret not because we have come up with 15 Best Blogshops in Singapore to Shop For Clothes. This article not only includes some OGs but also some hidden gems that deserve a mention! With this extensive list, you are sure to find a blogshop in Singapore that suits your style perfectly.

1. Love, Bonito

Aka the OG! 

blogshop in Singapore - Love Bonito
Source: Love Bonito via Facebook

Love, Bonito is one of the original blogshops in Singapore that became wildly successful for various reasons. 

Firstly, they offer a variety of designs to choose from at different price points. From casual to Office Lady, there is something for everyone. 

Secondly, you are paying for quality pieces. While some of their pieces (especially those intended for work) may be slightly pricey, you are paying for high-quality material that does not lose its shape after merely wearing it once.

Thirdly, Love, Bonito offers free delivery on all orders. This sets it apart from other blogshops in Singapore. This is because many other blogshops in Singapore only offer free delivery if you spend a minimum amount of dollars. Come on, that’s one more reason to shop online!

If you still prefer physically shopping, you can also breeze through its brick and mortar stores for a hands-on experience! They have stores scattered around the island, including at 313@Somerset, Funan and JEM.


2. The Editor’s Market

 Be in style and comfort~

blogshop Singapore - Editor's market
Source: The Editor’s Market via Facebook

The Editor’s Market is another top blogshop in Singapore that is especially popular amongst the younger crowd. Why?

Firstly, while many of its pieces are generally minimalist and modern, it also offers some fun prints from time to time, and in various pastel colours for a splash of fun.

Secondly, The Editor’s Market recently introduced a range of sustainably created clothing so you can shop guilt-free. Simply keep a lookout for a green icon to identify these pieces.

Finally, it is known for its wide range of curated collections that go beyond simply clothing. For example, they also sell dinnerware, fragrances, cushions and more. Think of it as a one-stop-shop to be a step closer to creating your ideal designer home.

You’ll also be happy to know that this is another blogshop in Singapore that has many outlets in Singapore.


3. The Thread Theory

Blogshops in singapore - Thread theory
Source: The Thread Theory via Facebook

This online blogshop in Singapore specialises in making a wide range of dresses suitable for bridesmaids, weddings, formal occasions, dates and work.

Many of The Thread’s Theory’s pieces are classy and whimsical. Think pastel rompers, maxi dresses and off-shoulder dresses. You can also expect to find elegant skirts and stunning gowns.

Furthermore, their Instagram account is also pretty active. Expect regular IG Lives, behind-the-scenes and OOTDs! You will never be bored.


4. The Tinsel Rack

top blogshops in Singapore - Tinsel Rack
Source: The Tinsel Rack via Facebook

Dubbed as the maker of happy clothes, this blogshop in Singapore offers extensive designs that are suitable for any occasion.

Firstly, The Tinsel Rack features fun designs that are vibrant and bring joy to your closet. Perfect for the summer! 

Secondly, their clothes are comfortable and are guaranteed to keep you relaxed and happy throughout the day.

Lastly, if you prefer trying on your clothes before buying them, you can find The Tinsel Rack at Orchard Gateway and Tampines 1. 


5. Wardrobemess

Going back to basics.

blogshop - wardrobemess
Source: Wardrobemess via Facebook

Wardrobemess is a blogshop in Singapore that offers a huge variety of fashionable pieces. We don’t mean just essential basics but also shoes and bags. Think comfort and versatility. You can easily create eye-catching looks. Simply pair its pieces with statement accessories to zhng your outfit!

Moreover, they are renowned for selling incredibly affordable clothes. A simple top starts from as little as S$9. Can you believe it?!

Besides, you can shop in its physical store located at Funan.


6. Runway Bandits

blogshops in Singapore - Runway bandits
Source: Runway Bandits via Facebook

Shopping does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Think trendy apparel like midi dresses and rompers that don’t break the bank.

Runway Bandits is a blogshop in Singapore that is big on affordability and quality. Most of its pieces have fair pricing and generally cost below S$50. Hence, this blogshop is ideal for those who are on a tight budget!

It is also located at Plaza Singapura.


7. Her Velvet Vase

blogshops in Singapore - Her velvet vase
Source: Her Velvet Vase via Facebook

Her Velvet Vase is a blogshop in Singapore that designs a wide array of different clothing options. They aim to “create memories and celebrate milestones” with the everyday woman in Singapore.

Be it a girls night out, dates, holiday trips or even work, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Finally, be sure to keep a lookout for sneak peeks of their upcoming collections on their Instagram page before they launch!

It is also located at Novena Square and CityLink Mall.


8. Fayth

Blogshop - Fayth
Source: Fayth via Facebook

If you are someone who likes to stock up on basics, Fayth is the blogshop in Singapore for you.

Based on their raving reviews, Fayth’s prints are one of the favourites amongst their customers. In addition, their design teams are informed of feedback by their customers and will take them into consideration. Therefore, you can potentially make a difference in their next launch! Isn’t that exciting?

Furthermore, they offer casual wear for lazy weekends and even matching outfits for mothers and children. How adorable!

In addition, they have two stores in Singapore, one at Plaza Singapura and CityLink Mall.


9. MDS Collections

Blogshops - MDS collections
Source: MDS collections via Facebook

MDS Collections is known to bring the latest fashion trends to consumers. Although their pricing may be considered slightly more expensive when compared to other blogshops in Singapore, it is worth it. Why? Because they sell cutting-edge runway-like fashion pieces.

Moreover, they offer a monthly subscription plan where you can redeem your credits for items starting from S$29.90. Furthermore, you get a 20% discount on all other items.

In addition, feel free to catch them on FB Live every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm featuring exclusive designs and guides to styling their pieces.

Lastly, you can also find them at Bugis Junction, Tampines 1 and CityLink Mall.


10. The Fleur Label

Blogshops singapore - Fleur label
Source: The Fleur Label via Facebook

Curated for the free-spirited, The Fleur Label features comfortable and contemporary fashion for women of all ages. Expect abstract prints, summery mini dresses, and simple, formal work dresses.

Many of their pieces are backorders or restocks, which goes to show just how popular they are! 

You can explore their stores at NEX and Century Square.


11. Young Hungry Free

For the risk-takers and rule-breakers.

Blogshops - Young Hungry Free
Source: Young Hungry Free via Facebook

This blogshop in Singapore is for those who want a bit of sass and attitude in their outfits. Their cooler-than-thou collections are perfect for those who prefer loud and daring street styles. If you are someone who likes to stand out and lead fashion trends, Young Hungry Free is definitely for you!

You can also explore their Instagram page for try-ons with different sized models and detailed descriptions of their outfits.


12. Modparade

blogshops modparade
Source: Modparade via Facebook

Modparade aims to empower the modern woman of today. It is famous for its cheerful and colourful prints. Think pops of colour, abstract and floral prints, vintage vibes and more. 

Its clothing collections include free-spirited, summer and retro dresses, tops and bottoms.

You are sure to stand out in the crowd without burning a hole in your pocket!


13. Dressabelle

 For the girly girls~

blogshops Singapore - Dressabelle
Source: Dressabelle via Facebook

Embracing the feminine side of every woman, Dressabelle offers everyday workwear, evening gowns, weekend looks as well as bridesmaid dresses.

Be updated on the latest announcements such as giveaways and new arrivals on their Instagram account!

It also has a physical store located at MOX.



Blogshops - Knotwear
Source: Knotwear via Facebook

KNOTWEAR features unique, stylish and fresh pieces to keep you relaxed and looking your best every day. Moreover, some of their pieces are made with eco-friendly fabrics, making you feel better about your purchase.

Another perk worth mentioning is that they offer free delivery within Singapore. 

Lastly, their Instagram page provides interesting ways you can style these chic pieces. Look them up for some fashion inspo! 


15. Lovet

blogshops singapore - Lovet
Source: Lovet via Facebook

Lovet is an up and coming blogshop in Singapore for many reasons. 

Firstly, diversity. Think casual weekend outfits to workwear, they have it all. For example, some of their collections include Earth Tones, The Minimalist, Pastel Summer and many more!

Secondly, their website provides a Lookbook where you can find inspiration on how to style their pieces for various occasions. 

Thirdly, every piece is made with love and their social media team puts in a lot of effort in answering queries, giving size guides and providing try-on hauls on their Instagram account. 

What more can you ask for?



In summary, blogshops in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular not just because of their value for money but also their appeal to consumers with different fashion needs and styles. 

As can be seen from the 15 Best Blogshops in Singapore to Shop For Clothes, many of these blogshops that started online have already transformed to become trendy brands in their own right, with stores popping up across our island. 

These blogshops in Singapore sell everything from casual essentials to chic workwear and formal gowns. Most importantly, they are typically fairly priced.

With such a broad array of blogshops in Singapore, you can enjoy shopping within the comforts of your own home. Now, hop on to the internet and start shopping. After all, happiness is receiving what you ordered online. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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