5 Best Furniture Movers in Singapore

Looking for furniture moving companies to move your possessions? Here are 5 of the best ones!

Moving furniture from one place to another can be demanding and complex. Thus, it is important to find the best furniture movers in Singapore who can take care of the move, including the packing, unpacking and transport of your furniture. A great furniture moving company can save you so much time, stress and money. With our list of top 5 furniture movers in Singapore below, you no longer have to worry about incompetent movers damaging your expensive furniture or losing your items. 

1. Lalamove

Imagine going to a furniture store and picking out furniture that you want. Yet, when you ask the store about delivery of the furniture, you find that the store’s delivery service is expensive and the next available delivery date is a long time away. 

Lalamove solves this exact problem. They provide an affordable on-demand furniture delivery service that allows you to move your heavy and bulky furniture back home. The advantage they have over other furniture movers is that they charge based on the vehicle type and distance you require. For example, if your furniture fits into their car, you would pay lower rates as compared to someone who needs a van or lorry to transport their furniture. Gone are the days when you are charged by the number of furniture items you need to move. 

What’s more, Lalamove provides helpers for a fee, and also allows you to track your furniture in real time while they are being delivered.

2. Wise move

Wise move is next on our list of best furniture moving companies in Singapore. They are a dedicated Singapore movers’ platform that allows people to find professional and pre-qualified movers at great prices. In fact, the quotes you can find in Wise Move are generally up to 75% cheaper than standard rates!

Finding a furniture mover on Wise Move is simple and easy. Submit your delivery request on the website, complete with all the necessary information about the move. Then, movers on the platform will start to bid for your job, giving you the lowest quote possible. Check each quote and each mover’s reviews. Then pick your preferred moving company and arrange for collection and delivery. That’s it! You can just sit back and relax while your expert movers take care of your house move.

Apart from residential moves, Wise Move also provides office and storage moving services as well.

3. Cheap Movers Singapore

Cheap Movers Singapore is another great option for moving furniture in Singapore. As their name suggests, they provide inexpensive rates that won’t break the bank. 

This furniture mover in Singapore offers a one stop shop for any type of move. Whether you wish to do a small or big move, they would be able to cater to your needs. One of the key benefits of using their service is that they are flexible and can cater to practically every moving need and budget.

4. Elite Movers

Elite Movers is a furniture moving company in Singapore that offers a wide range of furniture delivery services. They pride themselves on being fast and efficient, and having no hidden costs.

If you wish to have a consultation, they can even provide you with a no-obligation and free site assessment. Thereafter, their surveyors can provide you with a cost estimate that meets your moving needs!

They also have special expertise in moving unusual and expensive items such as pianos and large art objects. If need be, they also have cranes and ramps to manage complex and heavy duty furniture moves.

5. Shalom Movers

Established in 1982, this furniture moving company was founded to tackle the widespread issues in the moving industry. There were many complaints about the furniture operators in Singapore, who were dishonest, irresponsible and careless with their customer’s furniture. As such, the founders of Shalom Movers decided to create their company to breathe new life into the industry.

Shalom Movers provides a comprehensive list of moving services, from packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling, disposal and storage services, and even project management for the move. They are also highly credible, being a council member in Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), Singapore Aircargo Agents Association (SAAA@Singapore), and Singapore Transport Association (STA).


Furniture moving in Singapore is no easy feat. It involves packing, hauling and driving. A lot could go wrong if there is no proper planning. You could end up losing valuable time, effort and resources. 

With that in mind, the above best furniture moving companies in Singapore can help make your furniture moving a pleasant and seamless experience. You should definitely check them out if you’re looking to do a house move or relocation! 

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