9 Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore

Are you introverted and looking for a job? Here are the top jobs for shy introverted people in Singapore.

If you’re an introvert, then choosing a job is no easy task.

In fact, in our modern day and age, I think you would agree that many jobs require interaction with a wide range of people. Not only do you have to talk to customers, but you usually have to liaise with colleagues from various departments as well.

But what if I told you there are actually many career options out there for introverts?

In this article, the best jobs for introverts in Singapore have been carefully selected. In these jobs, you can rest assured that you will have less interaction with people in completing your daily work tasks.

Inevitably, as part of any job, you may still have to engage in conversation with other people. However, the following 9 jobs minimise the amount of time speaking with other people and maybe ideal for introverts like you.

1. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Content Writer

One of the best jobs for introverts in Singapore is being a content writer.

As a content writer, you have to produce fresh content for print or digital publications. Content writing involves doing research in order to produce good content. The job may also involve brainstorming and proposing interesting ideas and topics to write about.

For content writing, you use the written word to express yourself, rather than through speech.

Occasionally, if you wish to do further research, you might have to interview your sources. However, this is not always necessary. You can always find out further information via an email or phone interview.

As such, being a content writer would be a good job for introverts in Singapore.

Content writers are sought after by many companies which want to establish their online presence and engage with customers digitally. Companies seek out content writers to create content for use in their marketing and advertising campaigns. In addition, content writers are used to creating corporate content of websites or in print media such as newspapers and magazines.

Pre-requisites: Good grasp of written English, good proofreading skills, have a knack for research.
Salary: S$30,000 per annum on average.

2. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Chef

Another suitable job for introverts in Singapore is being a chef in Singapore. After all, as a chef, you will spend most of your time in the kitchen. In fact, your interaction will be with food, rather than with people. The bulk of your time will be spent exercising your culinary skills and cooking dishes for your customers.

However, chefs have to engage more with their colleagues as they become more senior. For example, if you become a sous chef (second-in-command) or head chef in the future, you would have to supervise the chefs and workers under your charge. Hence, this is something you have to consider in the long term and for career progression.

Being a chef is also not easy.

You first start out as an entry-level chef, where you would usually be helping to prepare the ingredients for the more senior chefs. This may last for a period as long as one to two years. This means that you won’t get to start doing actual cooking until a substantial amount of time in the industry. Not only that, you have to be on your feet all day and in hot, sticky conditions.

Despite these challenges, being a chef may still be suitable for you if it is aligned with your introverted nature. This is because as a chef you can hone your craft in a relatively undisturbed environment.

Pre-requisites: Diploma in culinary arts or science from SHATEC, At-Sunrice GlobalChef or a local polytechnic in Singapore.
Salary: $25,000 or less annually at the entry-level and over S$40,000 for sous or head chefs.

3. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Programmer

Computer programmers are required to write computer programs in a variety of computing languages such as C++, Python and Java. In this way, computer programmers create customised programs that allow non-technical users to interact with the software in easy and effective ways.

Whether you are a website developer or mobile application programmer, one thing is certain.

You don’t need to interact much with people.

Of course, you would have to communicate with your manager before each programming project to understand its requirements. Apart from that, you can develop and maintain the program with minimal contact with other people.

This allows you to focus on doing your job well and only talk to people occasionally when you want to. Strictly speaking, your job would not need you to converse with others in order to complete your tasks.

Pre-requisites: Degree / Diploma in computer science or a related field. Alternatively, certification from private institutions such as coding academies may also be considered.
Salary: Approximately S$50,000 per year.

4. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Car Mechanic

For introverts wanting to work in the automotive industry, being an auto or car mechanic may be a possible job for you.

As a car mechanic, you would be working on the repair and maintenance of various cars. Some common tasks of the job include tire replacement, oil changes, tuning the engine and replacing filters.

This job does not demand any further communication with the customer other than to find out the problem with his/her vehicle. Thus, being a car mechanic is an optimal career for introverts.

Pre-requisites: Degree / Diploma in mechanical engineering, automotive technology or a related subject.
Salary: An average of approximately S$27,000 yearly.

5. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is another job in Singapore that is suitable for shy introverts. As part of this job, you would be designing graphics and layouts for use in various media products and promotional material. This could range from advertisements, posters, marketing materials and logos.

Since your job will primarily be done behind a computer, you wouldn’t have to engage in much social interaction. Primarily, you may need to converse with your boss to understand the requirements of the graphic design task. Depending on your seniority, you may also have to communicate with clients directly to understand their needs and make appropriate revisions where necessary.

However, this is comparatively better than most jobs and you would be working independently most of the time. Thus, it is easily one of the best jobs for introverts in Singapore.

Pre-requisites: Typically, companies would require you to have a diploma or degree in visual or design communication or related studies. In addition, you would need to have skills in design and photo-editing software. This includes familiarity with Adobe suite software such as In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
Salary: The average yearly pay would be close to S$30,000.

6. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Laboratory Technician

One of the best jobs for introverts in Singapore is becoming a laboratory or lab technician. Lab technicians help prepare the chemicals of the laboratory, maintain laboratory equipment and conducting trials or experiments.

In general, lab technicians would be working for universities, pharmaceutical companies, research organisations and other chemical companies.

Due to the nature of your job, the interaction with people would be kept at a minimum. Most of the time, you will be left to your own devices. This is ideal for introverts who work better alone and without much supervision.

Pre-requisites: Degree in a relevant scientific field such as chemistry, biology or biochemistry or diploma or ITE in chemistry or related studies.
Salary: Up to S$31,000 per annum.

7. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Social Media Manager

Social media manager sounds like it needs you to be very “social”. However, that is furthest from the truth.

In fact, the job only requires you to engage with customers and users through various social media channels. You would not actually have to talk to them over the phone or in person.

So what exactly do you do as a social media manager?

A social media manager monitors and manages various social media channels. Some aspects of the job are to develop social media strategies to drive more traffic to websites and to improve customer engagement via social media tools. You would also have to oversee the design of the profile pages and cover photos of social media accounts.

Pre-requisites: Degree in marketing, communications, journalism or a related field. Proficiency in social media management tools such as Facebook Business Manager and Twitter Ads as well as some knowledge of analytic tools such as Google Analytics are preferred.
Salary: Average pay of up to S$50,000 a year.

8. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Archivist

Another potential job you can consider as an introvert is being an archivist.

An archivist is responsible for cataloguing and preserving valuable collections of historical information. In particular, part of your job would include ensuring that copies of archival records and publications are stored properly documented and stored.

As the job scope involves dealing with records, you would rarely have to speak or interact with other people. If you intend to be an archivist, you could apply for this position in the National Library Board.

Pre-requisites: Formal qualifications not strictly required. However, a few years of relevant experience in managing records or registry operations and some knowledge in IT and digital preservation are preferred.
Salary: Expected average pay of around $$30,000 a year.

9. Best Jobs for Introverts in Singapore: Commercial Diver

The last of the best jobs for introverts in Singapore is being a commercial diver. As a diver, you would spend most of your working life underwater carrying out pre-assigned tasks. This may include underwater inspection works, construction, retrieval or repairs.

Due to the rigorous and water-based nature of your work, you wouldn’t be interacting much with people. Thus, you can rest assured that your job would be suitable for your introverts like yourself. You would be able to focus on your work without having to make idle chit chat with colleagues or face interruptions from other people.

However, commercial diving can be a risky career. Even if it is suitable for you as an introvert, it may not be suitable if you are generally risk-averse. In this respect, there have been numerous complaints that the diving industry risks divers’ safety in order to cut costs and reduce the time needed for jobs.

If you are curious about what it takes to be a commercial diver in Singapore, take a look at this video:

Pre-requisites: Certification in commercial diving in accordance with the Singapore Standard Code of Practice for Commercial Diving.
Salary: An average of S$40,000 or higher.

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