5 Best Broadband Plans in Singapore – Detailed Breakdown

All you need is food and Wifi~

Living in Singapore in this day and age, it is near impossible to not have internet access. Singapore boasts some of the fastest residential broadband Internet speeds on the planet. Obviously, no one wants to suffer through a slow and unstable Internet connection. Besides, with so many of us working from home now, having a reliable and fast Internet connection can make or break your day. Thus, it is all the more important to find a broadband plan that gives you a steady and speedy connection! However, there are so many companies offering their best broadband plans in Singapore. You don’t even know where to start! 

Even though many of us have access to the Internet via our mobile phones, most of us still subscribe to a home broadband plan. This is crucial as it provides unlimited usage for everyone at home! 

If you are in need of fast and reliable Internet at home, we are here to help. From Internet speed to prices, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing a broadband plan in Singapore. Look no further. With this list of “5 Best Broadband Plans in Singapore – Detailed Breakdown”, we cover some of the top players in the market. You will easily find one that suits your needs the most! 

1. Starhub Smart Wifi

As one of the best broadband plans in Singapore, Starhub Smart Wifi’s connection is known to be reliable, high-speed and stable. If you are looking for an affordable, longer-term broadband plan with fast and stable connections, Starhub is the one for you! 

In addition, it provides one of the best coverage in every corner of your home. It also provides one of the best video streaming experiences to let you surf, stream and game all you want!

1Gbps Fibre Broadband

Currently, Starhub is also offering an online exclusive promotion. At S$39.90 a month with a 24-month contract, you can save $72 over 24 months when you purchase the broadband plan online! Alternatively, you can pay S$49.90 a month with a 12-month contract. Do note that a service activation fee of S$56.71 applies. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy additional perks. First, you get a free Starhub Smart Wifi worth S$199 (for new sign-ups). Second, you will enjoy free service installation worth S$90. Last but not least, you will enjoy a free 6-month JuniorProtect Basic. This essentially provides Internet parental control where parents can manage their kids’ mobile data access. Why? To remotely keep them safe online! Now, worried parents can relax by simply blocking any unsafe content on the Internet.

2 Gbps Fibre Broadband

As Starhub puts it, double the bandwidth, double the coverage! With an Internet speed of 2 Gbps, your family can stream, surf, download and play games on multiple devices at once. All without disruptions! How awesome is that?

At just S$62.90 a month with a 24-month contract, you can enjoy the ultra-fast broadband connection and use the Internet to your heart’s content!

Apart from that, you also enjoy additional benefits. Firstly, you will receive free Starhub Smart Wifi (Set of 3) worth S$597. Secondly, you will receive free service activation worth S$56.71. Thirdly, you will enjoy free service installation worth S$90. Finally, you will get a free 6-month JuniorProtect Basic as well.

In addition, who doesn’t like 24/7 customer service at your fingertips? Now, go sign up for one of the best broadband plans in Singapore today!

2. MyRepublic Broadband [Reader’s Choice]

MyRepublic Google Nest Wifi 

Google Nest Wifi is suitable for those seeking family coverage. Yes, we are talking about a fast and reliable Internet connection that can be used by the whole family at once.

While this broadband plan is slightly more pricey than the others featured in this article, it is still one of the best broadband plans in Singapore. Why? 

At S$55.99 a month, you can enjoy 1 Gbps fibre broadband with a Google Nest Wifi Router and Point worth S$428. Think stable and ultra-fast Internet in every corner and direction of your home. Furthermore, Google Nest Wifi comes with a free Google Assistant. There are so many reasons to be hooked! Firstly, besides being easy to set up, Google Nest Wifi is smart. It automatically updates itself and works all day to ensure seamless connectivity. Secondly, with the Google Home app, you can manage your network remotely. Yes! Just from the touch of your phone. Thirdly, with a speaker with Google Assistant, you can enjoy a hands-free experience at home. Lastly, its design is immaculate. Bid farewell to bulky, dull and not aesthetically-pleasing routers. Say hello to a beautifully simple and elegant Google Nest Wifi that does not ruin the aesthetic of your living room. 

Moreover, you also get a free TP Installation worth S$160.50 for new customers. In addition, you also enjoy a free home phone line with unlimited local calls. For existing customers, there is a re-contract exclusive deal where you will enjoy a free 3rd-month subscription. Do note that a service installation fee of S$53.50 and a NetLink Trust Service Activation Fee of S$56.71 apply.

It is no wonder why MyRepublic Broadband is one of the most popular broadband plans in Singapore. Its average online review rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars! 


However, if you are not ready to commit to this ~atas~ plan, you can also opt for more affordable options. For example, they have regular broadband plans including 200 Mbps Broadband Plan at S$27.99 a month as well as No Frills 1Gbps Broadband at S$37.99 a month.

Apart from that, they also offer GAMER Fibre Broadbands that are selected as the Readers’ Choice at the 2020 Tech Awards. 

After selecting your preferred broadband plan, you can opt for add-ons like Internet Security, VPN, MySafe Parental Control and more. Last but not least, watch out for the latest promotions on their website! You might just find the perfect deal for you and your family. 

Sign up for MyRepublic’s broadband plan here!

3. Singtel 

Everyone knows that Singtel offers one of the best broadband plans in Singapore. You are sure to get super fast and reliable fibre networks and seamless Wifi connectivity in your entire home. With one of the best broadband plans in Singapore, you can definitely surf with a peace of mind.

At S$49.90 a month with a 24-month subscription period, you will enjoy an Internet speed of 1 Gbps without worrying about losing connection while you’re binge-watching Youtube or Netflix. For new sign-ups, you will also get a Wireless Dual-band AC Router. 

Alternatively, at S$69.90 a month with a 24-month subscription period, you will enjoy an ultra-fast Internet speed of 2 Gbps. Upon first sign-up, you will also receive a pair of AirTies Wifi Mesh 4930. 

However, do note that Singtel also charges the NetLink Trust Service Activation Fee of S$56.71 for new sign-ups.

You should also keep a lookout for their online exclusive deals! They often include free weekend router installation worth up to S$145 and 3 free months of the Internet!

Finally, with Singtel Circle, you can bundle up your plans and enjoy more perks. For example, you will enjoy free local data on Sunday. You can also look out for free Stingray music, Annual Handset Upgrade and mobile plan discounts!

What are you waiting for?

4. M1 Broadband

M1’s GamePRO

Are there any gamers out there? You guys will be psyched to hear that M1 has come up with something specifically for gamers. Don’t be fazed by its name, this is a good option for not just pros but also casual gamers.

At S$52 a month, the GamePRO is ideal if you are looking for a lag-free and seamless gaming session. Further, it comes with a free Gaming Router powered with Killer Prioritisation Engine worth S$449. In particular, the GamePRO prides itself on providing a dedicated network, managed routing and lower latency. This means you can look forward to the highest prioritisation in traffic when you are gaming. In addition, you get smoother gameplay with minimal delay. Say hello to decent graphics, stable connection and of course, winning in all your favourite games!

For gamers out there, this has got to be one of the best broadband plans in Singapore. Get the unlimited lag-free experience today!


Apart from the GAMEPRO, M1 also offers affordable and value-for-money 500Mbps and 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plans. They include 4G Mobile Broadband, Fixed Voice and ONT Activation.

5. WhizComms

If you are looking for affordable and shorter-term contracts, WhizComms is the one for you. Since 2016, WhizComms have been providing Singaporeans with quality Internet services at shockingly accessible prices. In fact, WhizComms is known to provide one of the best broadband plans in Singapore at such a low price!

At just S$34 a month with a 24-month subscription, you can enjoy a super-fast and stable Internet connection that goes up to 1 Gbps. Also, you will enjoy free WhizComms’ Activation worth S$53.50 as well as free delivery and installation worth S$53.50. Have a low budget? No problem! 

Moreover, instead of the usual 24-month contract, WhizComms also offers a 12-month contract at S$38 a month. Under this plan, you will enjoy free WhizComms’ Activation worth S$53.50 as well as a discounted delivery and installation fee at S$18. 

That being said, do note that all plans are subject to the NetLink Trust Service Activation Fee of S$56.71 for every new fibre port activation. 

Finally, do keep a lookout for their latest promos on their website! Currently, they are offering Singapore’s lowest-priced 300Mbps Fibre Broadband Plan starting from S$26.90 a month. In addition, you can enjoy a free SpeedBoost to 500Mbps using their promo code: SPEEDBOOST500. Grab it before it’s gone!


In the early days, Singapore’s Internet market is dominated by the Giant telcos i.e. Singtel, StarHub and M1. However, we see more virtual operators rising to the competition and being able to offer quality services at comparable prices. Each of these Internet providers offers their version of the best broadband plans in Singapore to suit your individual needs. 

Now, consumer choices are in abundance and prices are kept competitive. With our list of “5 Best Broadband Plans in Singapore – Detailed Breakdown”, you are better equipped to make a wise choice between the best broadband plans in Singapore.

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