17 Fun Exercises In Singapore To Try Out If You Hate To Workout

Don't enjoy running and exercise in general? Here are some alternative and fun ways to workout in Singapore.

We all know exercise is good for us. Studies on young adults have shown that physical fitness leads to a whole host of benefits such as better brain functioning and cognition. But what do we do if we simply don’t like to exercise? If workouts like running don’t appeal to you nor excite you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fun exercises in Singapore to try out if you hate to workout.

Not only will you become healthier doing these exercises, but you’ll have lots of fun in the process! 

1. Rebounding Exercise

Rebounding top fun exercises in Singapore
Source: BBounce Studio

Rebounding is a really fun exercise in Singapore to attempt. It involves performing various exercises and movements while on a mini-trampoline. 

As rebounding can be a highly rigorous exercise, it may help to burn calories by stimulating the cardiovascular system. Moreover, rebounding is able to strengthen your entire body, including your lower body muscles and core.

Hence, if you’re looking for a new exercise experience that is enjoyable as well, rebounding may just be the answer!

Where to do rebounding in Singapore:

BBounce Studio
176 Orchard Road #06-09
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fun exercises Singapore- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Source: Ritual Gym

HIIT sounds like a torturous activity, right? Well, not really. It can be intense and strenuous, but many people find that is actually quite exhilarating.

So what exactly is HIIT?

HIIT sessions are short, intense workouts which usually comprise of two main phases. In the first phase, you are challenged to push your body to its physical limits by carrying out various exercises. Next, you enter the recovery phase which gives you some time to cool down and recover before you repeat the first phase again. Subsequently, you continue alternating between the two phases until the end of the session, which typically lasts for half an hour.

So what kind of exercises can you expect?

You will likely be exposed to a wide variety of exercises under the HIIT program. You can anticipate high-intensity cardiovascular bodyweight workouts such as jumping jacks, pull-ups, burpees, squats and high-knees. Through these exercises, HIIT aims to engage the muscles in your entire body to give you a more holistic and satisfying workout.

Not only can HIIT be fun, it is also ideal if you have a busy schedule and can only set aside time to exercise. This is because HIIT is designed for efficiency. Under HIIT, you would be able to maximise your time and effort to get the most out of your workout within a short period of time.

Where you can do this fun exercise in Singapore:

Ritual Gym
Raffles Place Branch
11 North Canal Road #03-01
Singapore 048824

3. Barre Workout

Barre fun exercises Singapore
Source: Called to the Barre

While Barre has been around for a long time, it has recently gained popularity in Singapore as an enjoyable exercise to get in a good workout. This exercise, which draws inspiration from yoga, pilates and ballet, allows you to target the smaller muscle groups of your body through a series of isometric exercises.

Thus, unlike intense compound movements, you will perform smaller exercises that condition and train your body. This will allow you to target your stabilising muscles and develop your core strength.

For instance, instead of completing a full squat, a Barre exercise would require you to squat down and hold that position for a period of time, before moving up slightly at various angles.

Doesn’t sound that easy, right?

That may be true, especially at the start. However, it is through these incremental and small movements that you develop muscle tone and flexibility.

Where you can do Barre in Singapore:

Called to the Barre
420 Joo Chiat Road (2 mins’ walk from i12Katong)
Level 2
Singapore 427641

4. Bungee Workout

Bungee workout exciting fitness workouts in singapore
Source: Dancevault Studios

For the bungee workout, you are tied by the waist to a bungee rope or resistance band that is in turn anchored to the ceiling. You then dance and move around the room, all the while having this resistance in place.

Through this exercise, your body is made to move in ways you never thought possible. In fact, some people have likened this exercise to flying and having the feeling of antigravity. What’s more, you also get to enhance your agility and improve your stamina by doing the bungee workout.

If you do decide to try this exercise out, you can expect lots of fun and excitement!

Where you can do the bungee workout in Singapore:

Dancevault Studios
20 Cecil Street #04-01, PLUS
Singapore 049705

5. Virtual Reality Spinning Exercise

virtual reality spinning cycling fun exercises Singapore
Source: Pure Fitness

I’m sure you’ve heard of spinning before. In fact, you may think it’s pretty boring. After all, isn’t it simply riding a stationary bicycle in a room?

Well, virtual reality spinning is quite different.

Virtual reality spinning is a highly immersive experience where you exercise in a spin studio with a big cinema screen placed in front of you. In normal spinning classes, you tend to get tired quickly because you start to focus on the ache in your body as the exercise progresses.

However, in virtual reality spinning, you get to experience cycling through interesting and exciting courses. The big screen takes you through a variety of terrains such as mountainous regions or even futuristic routes exploring parts of the galaxy.

As you get engrossed in the imagery before you, you hardly feel the fatigue building up in your muscles. At the end of the session, you may even find virtual reality spinning so fun that you are left longing for more.

Where you can do your virtual reality spinning in Singapore:

Pure Fitness
Level 8 Ngee Ann City Podium Block
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872

6. Aqua Cycling Workout

aquaspinning aqua cycling fun exercises singapore
Source: Aquaspin

Another fun exercise in Singapore you can try is aqua cycling (also known as aqua spinning). In aqua cycling, you get to cycle on fixed bicycles placed in swimming pools. The bicycles are partially submerged, with the handlebars above the water.

This exercise allows you to strengthen your leg muscles by pedalling against the resistance of the water. In the process, you get a good cardiovascular workout as well.

Another good thing about this fun exercise? It, being a water-based activity, is more gentle on your joints than normal cycling. Hence it reduces the likelihood of injury and is suitable for people of all ages.

Where you can do aqua cycling in Singapore:

Swissôtel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Rd
Singapore 058281

You can also find Aquaspin™ at their other branches: Oakwood Premier OUE Downtown, Singapore Polo Club and Hotel Jen OrchardGateway.

7. Rock Climbing Workout

Exciting fitness workouts in singapore - Onsight Climbing Gym
Source: Onsight Climbing Gym

Ever wanted to be like spiderman?

Well, now you can. With rock climbing, you can feel what it feels like to climb steep walls and tall structures.

In rock climbing, you get to scale the surface of an artificial rock wall, while supported by special equipment such as harnesses and ropes.

As rock climbing involves a lot of pulling, you will find an improvement in your muscular and functional strength if you do this exercise regularly. In particular, your biceps and lats would also be greatly strengthened through the constant pulling action.

Where you can do rock climbing in Singapore:

Onsight Climbing Gym
100 Guillemard Road, Singapore Badminton Hall
Singapore 399718

8. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA fun exercises Singapore

As the name suggests, MMA involves a combination of different fighting styles. MMA incorporates the techniques of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and even judo. It can be a really fun exercise in Singapore to attempt, especially if you enjoy contact sports and you want to pick up some self-defence skills at the same time.

While some may see this exercise as more extreme, it is undoubtedly a fun way to get in your exercise and relieve some stress.

Where you can do MMA in Singapore:

Evolve MMA 
#03-11 PoMo Mall
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306

9. Pilates Exercise

pilates fun exercises Singapore

Not to be confused with Yoga which focuses more on your spiritual well-being, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasises on the mind-body connection. Pilates is also more focused on your core and can help you develop better posture and flexibility.

The cool thing about Pilates is that it can be done anywhere, seeing as it just requires a mat and your bodyweight.

Where you can learn Pilates in Singapore:

Breathe Pilates
Novena Medical Centre
10 Sinaran Drive, #09-33
Singapore 307506

10. Zumba Workout

zumba enjoyable exercises Singapore

If you are into dancing, you can consider getting your exercise through Zumba. Zumba is a fitness program where you work out by dancing to Latin American music.

It’s extremely fun because you get to bust out salsa and other Latin dance moves to the tune of catchy music. At the end of the day, you may even find that it feels like you’re at a party rather than actually working out.

Where you can do Zumba in Singapore:

261 Waterloo Street, #03-29 Waterloo Centre
Singapore 180261

11. Yoga / HIIT Classes on Water

yoga on water classes fun exercises Singapore
Source: Skyline Aqua

Yoga classes on water? Yes, you heard that right. Unlike conventional yoga, for yoga classes on water, you do your yoga workout on a floating exercise mat. Having to execute various poses atop a floating mat, you get to train your balance and coordination, all the while having tons of fun!

Some companies such as Skyline Aqua also offer unique water-based programs that incorporate HIIT into the training routine. You’ll get to attempt squats, burpees, mountain climbers and v-sit ab exercises while floating atop the water.

With such an interesting program, it is no wonder that we consider this as one of the fun exercises in Singapore you should consider trying.

You can try out Skyline Aqua’s Floatfit Yoga / HIIT on water at the following location:

Skyline Aqua 
7500 Beach Rd
Singapore 199591

12. Hypoxi Training

If you have some stubborn fat in some parts of your body, Hypoxi is one of the fun exercises you can try in Singapore.

Touted by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Hypoxi makes use of vacuum and compression technology to apply pressure on your lower body and increase blood flow to it. While this occurs, you work out by cycling on an exercise bike which is encased in the Hypoxi pod.

Who knows? This might just be your answer to the persistent belly fat that you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

Where you can do Hypoxi in Singapore:

Hypoxi Singapore
30 Tai Seng Street #02-14
Breadtalk IHQ
Singapore 534013

13. Power Plate Fitness Exercise

Power plate fitness exciting workouts Singapore
Source: Higher Ground Fitness

Is it possible to vibrate your way to fitness?

Power plate fitness lovers certainly think so.

In this fun and interesting exercise, you stand on a power plate that vibrates multi-directionally. Even if you’re simply standing on the plate, your muscles including your core would work much harder to maintain your balance. In so doing, your stabiliser muscles are likely to strengthen and grow.

Not only that, but you will probably also see your balance and coordination improve. You can also do various exercises such as squats and push-ups on the power plate for a more effective workout.

The unique balancing component of this exercise makes it one of the fun exercises in Singapore to try.

Where you can do power plate fitness:

Higher Ground Fitness
695C East Coast Road
Singapore 459059

14. Surfset Fitness Workout

surfset fitness fun exercises Singapore
Source: Surfset Singapore

If you like the idea of surfing, Surfset fitness may be a fun exercise to try in Singapore. In this exercise, you work out on top of a specially designed surfboard that simulates the surfing movement on water. As part of the exercise, you can also take on a variety of poses to imitate the catching waves on the sea.

While fun, this exercise is far from easy.

In order to maintain your centre of balance while doing the exercises, you have to tense up various muscles including your core. Without a strong core, it may be very challenging to remain balanced on the surfboard.

Nonetheless, if done properly, this exercise will help you develop a lean physique, all while getting light-hearted fun. Thus, we consider this one of the fun exercises in Singapore to try out.

Surfset Singapore
454B Joo Chiat Road
3rd Storey
Singapore 427667

15. Adult Gymnastics Exercise

adult gymnastics fun exercises Singapore
Source: GymKraft

Forget the haters, you can still do gymnastics even if you didn’t start from young.

In fact, adult gymnastics is an exciting workout in Singapore that will help develop both your strength and flexibility. Besides the basic handstands and cartwheels, if you stick with it, you may even be able to master round offs and kick overs. With these sweet moves, it won’t be difficult to impress your relatives at your next family gathering. 

Where you can do adult gymnastics in Singapore:

100, Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718

16. Parkour

Parkour fun exercises Singapore
Source: MOVE Academy

You’ve probably seen people climb up walls and jump from railing to railing. They’re probably doing parkour.

Parkour involves moving from one point to another in the most efficient way possible. This may require you to jump, sprint, vault, climb and swing in order to get to your destination. 

It’s definitely not an easy sport and not everyone would be able to do it. It is also not without risk. In fact, there have been cases in the past where unsupervised practitioners of parkour have experienced serious injuries or even death.

However, you can choose to carry out parkour in a safe way. You can start by taking classes from the experts on the best and safe practices before trying out your own stunts.

If you’re physically fit and like dealing with obstacle courses, parkour may be a fun exercise in Singapore to test out.

Where you can pick up Parkour in Singapore:

MOVE Academy
43 Carpenter St, #02-01
Singapore 059922

17. Wakeboarding Exercise

wake boarding fun exercises Singapore

For the adrenaline junkies looking to have some fun, wakeboarding may just be the exercise for you. While wakeboarding, you are secured to a wakeboard and towed behind a motorboat at relatively fast speeds. 

Moreover, wakeboarding is also a good way to get your workout.

Firstly, you get to train your arm muscles by holding on to the rope as you perform wakeboarding tricks. Furthermore, you can develop greater balance, stability and core strength as you do the sport.

Where you can do this fun workout in Singapore:

Ryders Singapore Wakeboarding
Marina Country Club
11 Northshore Drive
Singapore, 828670


With all these fun exercise options available in Singapore, why stick to just running or gymming? By trying new and fun workouts, not only will you enrich your life, you’ll also lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for, pick some of the fun exercises in Singapore listed above and go try them out!

Also, here are some additional lifestyle tips and articles in Singapore for better living.

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