11 Cafes in the East of Singapore that You’ve Never Heard Of

Looking for unique cafes in the east of Singapore? Read on to find out more.

It’s a debate that most Singaporeans would have heard of at least once in their lives. In fact, you might have even engaged in a passionate argument over the matter before. So, what’s this controversial topic that’s split Singaporeans into camps? Yeap, it’s none other than the proverbial question: “Which side is the best side?” East-side dwellers (or Easties) would proudly proclaim that their side of the island is the best. On the other hand, people living in the west (Westies) of sunny Singapore would quickly rebuke that no, West side rules. Nonetheless, whether you’re an avid Eastie or Westie, we’re all united with one commonality – we, millennials, freaking love cafes.  I’m not here to back up either camp. I am, however, here to politely suggest we put our differences aside, for whether you’re an Eastie or a Westie, this article will tantalise your taste buds equally – we’re discovering 11 cafes in the east of Singapore that you’ve never heard of before!

Easties – you’ll get to rediscover your neighbourhood and maybe find a new favourite hangout spot.

Westies – it’s not everyday you go to the mysterious land of East Singapore, right? Take this article as a, um, travel itinerary of sorts, if you will.

So, let’s agree to disagree and get ready to explore some of the best cafes in the east of Singapore!

1. Chock Full of Beans

cafes in the east of Singapore - CFOB
Source: Chock Full Of Beans

Certainly, there’s no shortage of cafes in the east of Singapore. Despite the competition, Chock Full of Beans manages to hold its own. Notably, the star highlight in its offerings is their adorable 3D latte art. Crafted by their talented in-house baristas, customers can order a warm cup of coffee, topped with an adorable character – think, bears, cats, and even popular characters like Totoro and Snorlax!

For the avid instagrammers, this cute cuppa is the perfect addition to your curated feed. For the rest of us who just love cute things, the latte art is sure to get you squealing.

Address: #01-2090 Blk 4 Changi Village Rd Singapore 500004

2. Brawn & Brains Coffee

cafes in the east of Singapore - Brawns & Brains
Source: Brawns & Brains Coffee

Brawn & Brains Coffee is one of the perfect cafes in the east of Singapore for coffee lovers. 

In fact, this cafe prides itself as one of Singapore’s leading cafes, taking great care to ensure only the best cup of coffee is served. This dedication begins right from the start with only high-quality beans sourced. At the cafe, these beans are then roasted carefully in small batches. The result? A warm cup of coffee, steeped with flavour.

Aromatic coffee is not the only thing that you’ll find at Brawn & Brains Coffee. This fashionable café also serves up a mean brunch menu that’ll leave any decent foodie in tears of joy. Think fluffy scrambled eggs atop crispy toast, or sinfully juicy slices of bacon stacked between fluffy brioche buns… What’s more, the prices are relatively decent for cafe fare. The former costs $10.80+, while the latter will set you back by $13.90+.

Address: 218 East Coast Road, Singapore 428916

3. Bread & Hearth

Source: Bread & Hearth

If your favourite carb is bread, then Bread & Hearth would be paradise for you. Croissants, brioche buns, cream buns… Bread & Hearth offers a wide range of bread for you to select from. Indeed, I dare say that this warm café would easily top the list of cafes in the east of Singapore for a passionate bread enthusiast.

Address: 18 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089125

4. Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

cafes in the east of Singapore - fat cat ice cream bar
Source: Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

Ice-cream? Yes, please!

Nestled in the void deck of an HDB flat, Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar brings mouth-watering desserts straight to the heart of the neighbourhood. There’s no hint of pretentiousness at all – guests will feel right at home in this cosy cafe.

When you visit Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar, you must definitely try their waffles. And if you’re thinking – oh okay, just plain ‘ol waffles then – think again. Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar is one of the cafes in the east of Singapore well known for its unique waffle creations. Notably, their Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Yolk Sauces is highly a raved dish.

Address: Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25, Block 416 Singapore 460416

5. Craftsman Speciality Coffee

cafes in the east - craftsmen specialty coffee
Source: Craftsmen Speciality Coffee

If you live in the east, chances are that you’ve already heard of Craftsman Speciality Coffee. Indeed this cosy café is one of the more well-known cafes in the east of Singapore. Their menu is simple – nothing overtly fancy – but, at the same time, utterly delicious. Popular items include sandwiches, toast, and pies.

Besides being the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday morning brunch, Craftsman Speciality Coffee is also a must-go for coffee lovers. Notably, the café takes pride in sourcing high-quality beans from countries like Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia. Their dedication to their craft is readily apparent in your cup of warm, aromatic coffee!

Address: 2 First Street Siglap #01-01

6. Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

cafes in the east of Singapore - dutch colony coffee
Source: Dutch Colony Coffee

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s coffee. If you’re searching for cafes in the east of Singapore to get your caffeine fix, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. should be on your radar.

The folks at Dutch Colony Coffee Co take coffee very seriously, so you can be assured that the mug of warm goodness you’re served is most probably the best you can find in all of the cafes in the east of Singapore. Notably, the café sources beans that are not only high in quality, but also from fair and sustainable practices.

Address: 113 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458230

7. Fresh Fruits Lab

cafes in the east of Singapore - Fresh Fruits Lab
Source: Fresh Fruits Lab

Fresh Fruits Lab is one of the cafes in the east of Singapore that has perfectly mastered the balance of serving food that is both affordable, and downright scrumptious.

True to their namesake, the café incorporates the refreshing fruity taste that we love into much of their menu. For example, their popular Bangers and Mash puts a fruity spin on the ordinary sausage dish by topping it off with a sweet grape sauce. Other must-trys include their Blackstone —  a hearty dish of poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, muffins and fruit salad. Considering how filling this meal is, its price of $14 is insanely reasonable.

If you’re not really interested in having a whole meal, Fresh Fruits Lab also offers a delectable range of desserts. Fan favourites include their lychee cakes and chocolate cakes.

Address: 351 Changi Road Lor Marzuki Singapore 419818

8. Nom Bistro & Bakery

cafes in the east - nom bistro bakery
Source: Nom Bistro & Bakery

Located in MacPherson Community Club, Nom Bistro & Bakery is easily one of the friendlier and less pretentious cafes in the east. True to their motto to provide wholesome food at affordable prices, Nom Bistro & Bakery does not charge service fee. Yay to savings!

Interestingly, Nom Bistro & Bakery modelled its interior design to look like that of a typical HDB void deck. This design definitely contributes to the chill, laidback atmosphere of the café. You’d feel right at home here!

Additionally, the wide range of dishes on their menu will leave you spoilt for choice. Salads, fries, pasta, rice bowls, burgers, pizzas… the list stretches on and on!

Address: 400 Paya Lebar Way, Macpherson Community Club Level 1, Singapore 379131

9. Penny University

cafes in the east of Singapore - Penny University
Source: Penny University

Finally – a university where there’s no stress, no deadlines, and certainly no examinations.

Yeap, at Penny University the only test you’ll be sitting for is the test of the limits of your tummy as you attempt to eat as many of the yummy dishes offered on the menu. That, by the way, would be no mean feat as the café’s menu features an astounding array of dishes. All-day brunch, sandwiches, burgers, wings, fries, toast… you’d be forgiven for taking too long to decide on what to eat.

Address: 402 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428997

10. Rabbit Carrot Gun

Best cafes in the east - Rabbit Carrot Gun
Source: Rabbit Carrot Gun

Quirky name, whimsical décor, creative spins on food – Rabbit Carrot Gun is undoubtedly, the quintessential hipster café. If you’re tired of the same old boring cafes that seem to be cut from the same cloth, Rabbit Carrot Gun is here to give you that much-needed breath of fresh air.

Rabbit Carrot Gun is one of the cafes in the east of Singapore that serve up delightfully scrumptious British food. Popular menu items include Shepard’s Pie, Sausages and Mash, and of course – Fish and Chips.

If you have a sweet tooth, rejoice! Rabbit Carrot Gun offers several sweet treats that’s sure to make you dance in glee. In particular, their chocolate molten lava cake would be what every chocolate-lover’s sweet dreams are made of.

Address: 49 East Coast Road, Singapore 428768

11. Fart Tartz Cafe

cafes in the east of Singapore- fartz tartz
Source: Fart Tartz

“Why ‘fart’?” You may ask. Trust me – I’m equally confused. But beyond the curious name, Fart Tartz Café is actually a really unique café that you shouldn’t miss out when you’re checking out cafes in the east of Singapore.

The star highlight of Fart Tartz Café is easily their beautifully crafted desserts. Their “mud” tarts are no-bake specialty cheese tarts that are created to look like potted plants. These artistic creations are simply too adorable to eat!

Furthermore, these desserts aren’t just aesthetically pleasing – they taste just as good as they look. Flavours include Nutella Oreo, Cookie Butter, Matcha and Mango. I don’t know about you, but boy, is my mouth watering.

Not to worry if you aren’t too big on desserts – Fart Tartz Café has got you covered too. Simply choose from a wide selection of items on their menu: Hot wings, mentaiko takoyaki, nachos, burgers, pasta sandwiches… There’s bound to be something that suits your palate – even if you’re the pickiest of eaters.

Address: 1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo, Max-Atria (Foyer 1), #02-04,  S486150


Cafes in the east of Singapore are aplenty. Many of them offer the perfect formula for a great hangout: delicious food, affordable pricing and a relaxed atmosphere. Why not try out some of the cafes in the east of Singapore recommended in this article?

Know of any other great cafes in the east of Singapore? Let us know which cafes in the east of Singapore you personally swear by in the comments!

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