7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

“Time spent on hiring is well spent.”

We all know that there’s an ongoing pandemic. Retrenchment and unemployment rates are rising. What better way is there to look for a job than through the best recruitment agencies in Singapore?

Typically, it is not difficult to find entry-level jobs. But have you tried looking for more senior jobs? In general, these higher-level positions tend to be harder to find! This is because companies prefer to handpick the best talent for them. Putting out job ads is a thing of the past. Many companies in Singapore today engage agencies to find their best guy/girl instead.

Also, going through a recruitment agency is a lot easier. Rather than making single applications, you can save time by going through some of the best recruitment agencies out there. Furthermore, such services are free for prospective employees. Usually, it is the employer who has to pay a fee for their services.

Whether you are finding the right fit for your organisation or seeking employment, you need to read the 7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Singapore!

1. HAYS Singapore

As one of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore, HAYS Singapore is creating an agile workforce. As the way we work is transforming at a shocking rate, this is indeed crucial.

For employers

Do you need to attract, recruit and retain the best talents for your organisation? If so, you have come to the right place! Because HAYS Singapore is one of the best recruitment agencies here.

HAYS Singapore uses market insight and technical excellence. It provides top solutions that ensure your organisation’s competitiveness.

Apart from that, they offer a full range of other employment services. Think Information Technology, HR solutions, training, market and salary data. In fact, its cybersecurity practice is regarded by many as the best in the industry!

Lastly, you can also find helpful articles on their website that discuss hiring staff from home. One interesting post explores ways to keep your remote team motivated during the pandemic.

For Employees

HAYS Singapore commits to working closely with job seekers. You will receive support when you face challenges in your job hunt. They will also help you with career planning.

Firstly, besides job searches, HAYS Singapore provides job alerts. These useful tools make your search for your dream job as fuss-free as possible.

Secondly, they help employees understand their potential earnings. Yes, you can compare salaries with others! Using benchmarks, you can find out if you are being paid what you are worth.

Thirdly, they also provide job-seekers with information, tips and guidance. Whether you are hunting for a new job or promotion, you won’t feel alone!

2. Randstad

Randstad has more than 25 years of local market experience. Offering dedicated services, it is one of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore.

For employers

Randstad’s services are tailored to suit various skills and disciplines. Its clients range from non-profits to public agencies and MNCs. You name it, you got it.

In addition, Randstad helps to take care of other HR services. For example, they also help with payrolls and contract staffing.

Finally, they also offer employer brand research. In fact, a global study is ordered to shape employers’ HR strategies. This ensures that talents are effectively attracted and retained. What more can you ask for?

For Employees

Do you need help perfecting your CV? Are you worried about job scams? Don’t worry! Because Randstad is here to help you find your dream job.

Randstad provides handy tips in preparing for interviews or updating CVs. Moreover, they focus on your career aspirations. The people here ensure that you receive customised updates. Now, you can track the most suitable and latest jobs in the market.

Furthermore, they make sure that you are paid your true worth. Expect to receive a report that benchmarks your job’s pay, scope and demands. With perks like that, you will be better prepared in your job search. Who wouldn’t want that?

3. Manpower

Manpower is part of the world’s workforce expert, the Manpower Group. They have over 70 years of history and offices in 80 countries. It is no wonder why Manpower is one of the best recruitment agencies out there.

For Employers

Manpower provides big and small companies with many staffing solutions. Receive professional services. Gain a full understanding of staffing trends. Have access to a deep pool of top candidates. Rest assured that Manpower delivers results by matching the right person to the right job.

For Employees

Can’t decide what you want to do for a living? Just entering the workforce and have no experience? Or are you in the midst of a career change? No matter what it is, Manpower is here to help you. From job search tips to free access online courses, Manpower has your back.

Moreover, you can look forward to key information on companies. You will be able to find your best fit. Also, you will receive advice on career direction and resume writing. Finally, preparing for interviews will be a breeze too!

Last but not least, they also conduct free skills training. You can polish your skills to ensure that you succeed in your job. Whatever you need, Manpower will support you!

4. Michael Page 

Since 1976, Michael Page has grown and expanded globally. With more than 40 years of experience, Michael Page is a recognised recruitment agency. Currently, they have 140 offices that span 36 countries. Just imagine the number of global connections! Regional knowledge! And of course, diverse market experience!

For Employers

Michael Page finds the right people for companies. They advise on opening within new markets and developing employer branding. If you wish to scale your business models, they do it too!

Michael Page’s website also contains many relevant articles. Its informative posts explore challenges faced by employers today, and how to address them effectively.

For Employees

If you are looking for a job, Michael Page’s extensive database is a great platform. You will find many mid to senior-level employment opportunities there!

Moreover, you can gain valuable insights into the skills and interpersonal qualities required in your job. Say hello to career advancement!

5. Garner International

Garner International has been recruiting executive talent for decades. It prides itself as one of the best recruitment agencies that provide executive search excellence. Its area of expertise includes Finance, Sales and more.

For Employers

Garner International works closely with clients to build effective and long-term relationships. They also deliver one of the best practices of human capital management. Additionally, they partner with clients to provide proper solutions that cater to their needs.

Also, Garner International adopts a targeted approach to candidate sourcing. Specifically, they use psychological-based methods to find the perfect one for their clients.

For Employees

If you are looking for the right career, look no further. Garner International provides professional and constructive advice on interviewing techniques. They manage your expectations and offer tips on finding the ideal job for you.

In all aspects of your career, Garner International is here to help. Think exclusive personal career coaching services! In these one-on-one coaching sessions, you can expect to receive guidance on:

  • Career planning
  • CV assessment
  • Networking
  • Interview tactics
  • Negotiating offers
  • Managing conflict 
  • Developing soft skills

What are you waiting for? Give Garner International a chance! Refine your talent today.

6. Frazer Jones

With its extensive network, Frazer Jones is one of the best recruitment agencies you can find! Their clients range from SMEs to large global blue-chips on all continents.

In addition, they have experience across all industries. They include Finance, Oil & Gas, Retail and many more.

For Employers

Frazer Jones offers specialisation and excellent market knowledge that suit the needs of its clients. Look forward to the provision of full consulting services. For example, recruitment strategies, salaries and market conditions.

Ultimately, they help to best match requirements for any recruitment need. No wonder they pride themselves on delivering tailored solutions that deliver the best talent with the highest level of service.

For Employees

Frazer Jones manages assignments from entry-level to Senior Executive level. They cater to needs varying on an interim, fixed-term or permanent contract basis. Whatever you are seeking, you are sure to find with this recruitment agency!

We also like that Frazer Jones operates a fairly active content hub on its website. There, you can find interesting reports on the future of the workforce. Recently, they also shared insights on WFH arrangements implemented around the world.

Moreover, Frazer Jones hosts webinars that discuss important issues today. For example, inclusion and diversity in the workplace is explored. Also, they produce videos that share HR market insights. Learn how employees can hone their skills and experience during the COVID-19 downturn!

These resources are valuable to job seekers. This is crucial in keeping up-to-date with current market and workforce trends. Prospective employees can also make use of these materials to upgrade themselves. And this is definitely important in these rapidly changing times.

7. DP Search

In Southeast Asia, DP Search has many years in the recruiting business. It is definitely one of the best recruitment agencies if you are interested in working in the IT and Finance sectors. These are its key strengths and areas of specialisation!

For Employers

With 14 years of experience, DP Search handles all sorts of senior positions. Yes, from executives all the way to Chief Officers in the company.

Further, DP Search prioritises confidentiality of client relationships and information. Thus, you can rest assured that their provision of services abides by the highest ethical standards.

For Employees

If you wish to work in the IT and Finance industries, DP Search is for you!

DP Search works closely with job seekers. If they find something that matches your profile, they are happy to meet you for a detailed discussion. They will also obtain your agreement before sending your CV to clients. Thus, everything is within your control and you have nothing to worry about!


In such tough times, finding a job is an uphill battle. And we know everyone can use a little helping hand now. This is why we came up with a list of the 7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Singapore!

Maybe you are seeking employment. Or you could be thinking of bringing your company to greater heights. Either way, we hope that this article has been an informative and useful read for you!

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