10 Best Cafes in Bugis You Should Visit

Weekends are for brunch.

Many Singaporeans would be familiar with cafe hopping, especially on the weekends. Having an afternoon brunch with the gals? Reading a book by yourself while enjoying a nice cup of coffee? Taking Insta-worthy pictures for your followers? We’ve all been there and done that. More often than not, when you think of cafes, places like Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Pagar come to mind. Not today! Because we’ve discovered some of the best cafes in Bugis!

With the rise in popularity of trendy cafes in Singapore, there are more and more places that suit a variety of aesthetic preferences and crowds. This is why we have compiled a list of 10 Best Cafes in Bugis You Should Visit! Our guide to the best cafes in Bugis covers cafes that have unique vibes for different occasions. Say hello to your next brunch location!

1. STEEPED Tea Bar

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.”

As a shophouse along Tan Quee Lan Street, keep a lookout for this cafe’s minimalist interior coupled with green leafy plants hanging from the ceiling. Stepping into STEEPED Tea Bar will lift your mood and brighten your day. It distinguishes itself by offering great tasting teas made from quality ingredients. Fun fact! STEEPED Tea Bar freshly brews their teas with their in-house espresso machine. This is definitely one of the most affordable and best cafes in Bugis to chill out and escape from the crowd on the weekends.

This quaint cafe serves fresh fruit teas, milk lattes and cakes. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and icky syrups. Because here, they use real tea leaves, fruit juices and purees. Do give the Pear High Mountain Oolong and Soursop Sencha a try! It’s no wonder these are the popular drinks here. If you are not a fan of these unique flavours, you can also opt for straight Genmaicha or Lavender teas, which are equally comforting. Also, their cakes are supplied by L’Atelier Tiramisu. They also make for a perfect accompaniment to their drinks. You can’t go wrong with the Classico Tiramisu.

If you are looking for a refreshing drink at a nice chill-out spot to escape from the humid weather, do check out STEEPED Tea Bar!

2. Twenty Grammes

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream!

If you are looking for a nice cosy spot to enjoy some sweet treats, Twenty Grammes is the one for you. This is a well-known dessert boutique in Bugis that serves curated desserts using fresh and quality ingredients.

With handcrafted waffles, gelato, soft-serve ice cream, Korean bingsu, cakes and drinks, you are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. While you’re here, be sure to check out their famous Smores Waffle. It contains torched marshmallow for a subtle and smoky aroma that somehow works with waffles! Who would have thought? Some also say that it has the best sea salt caramel ice cream in Singapore.

That being said, if you are craving for something savoury, they also offer finger food and mains. From pulled chicken nachos to flamed salmon bao, you are sure to find something for you. Alternatively, if you are an adventurous foodie, you can try out their Ham Cheese Waffle for an innovative twist on the traditional dessert!

Furthermore, if you are a subscriber to Burpple Beyond, you will be happy to know that they offer 1 for 1 waffles and drinks, which makes everything all the more worth it!

Besides its food, Twenty Grammes also strives to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy your meal in a comfy environment. Well, one thing’s for sure. Its minimalistic décor paired with its concrete grey walls are definitely soothing and perfect for a relaxing afternoon. No wonder it is one of the best cafes in Bugis!

3. All Things Delicious

This Halal-certified cafe on Arab Street prides itself on making and sharing food using naturally good ingredients. The people at All Things Delicious prefer not to use artificial colours, flavours or aromas. As such, they bake and cook using cage-free eggs, cultured butter and unrefined sugar.

Its cafe menu is extensive and even the pickiest of eaters will find something that suits their palate here. There are all-day breakfasts, appetisers, mains, sandwiches, salads, pasta and rice bowls. All Things Delicious also offer desserts like Bread & Butter Pudding to end your meal on a sweet note.

If you are interested to order from its bakery shop, All Things Delicious is especially famous for its no-frills bakes. Think classic cakes, cookies, scones, pastries and even wedding cakes! Its signature bakes include the Sticky Toffee Pudding, Sticky Apricot Pistachio, Chocolate Almond Shortbread, Gula Melaka Scones and more!

4. Mellower Coffee

~All you need is a good cup of coffee~

Mellower Coffee is one of the best cafes in Bugis that originated from Shanghai. It is based on a from-plantation-to-cup industry model. The people at this cafe strive to introduce artisanal coffee culture to Singapore by seeking out the best coffee beans around the world. Thus, you can be assured that you will find quality speciality coffee here!

What to expect? Now, we know you’ve seen one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee ever making its appearance on Instagram – the Sweet Little Rain. Yes, it’s the one with a little “cloud” of cotton candy dangling over a cup of Americano. And when it melts, it looks like raindrops. How adorable! Besides this, you can also try their Ondeh x Latte for a localised twist. If you like Ondeh Ondeh, you are sure to enjoy this spin. It is creamy and rich but not overpoweringly sweet since the espresso provides a nice balance.

Do note that Mellower Coffee is located at multiple places with a slightly different menu. But since we’re on the topic of best cafes in Bugis, the Bugis outlet offers a newly introduced Cone Crash Affogato that is sure to satisfy your coffee fix! In addition, they are currently offering Strawberry Mellowthie and Honey Yuzu Mellowthie for those looking for something fruity and refreshing.

5. Symmetry

More than just food.

Located on the fringe of the historic Kampong Glam district, Symmetry is the ideal hangout spot for the artsy. Think pop-art posters and vintage décor against exposed brick walls. Yas, say hello to the quintessential industrial backdrop for all your photoshoot fantasies.

As an all-day dining restaurant and bar, this cafe is perfect for both brunches and casual drinks at night. Symmetry prides itself on bringing true Aussie flavours to the table with a contemporary spin. Using only the finest and freshest produce, you can look forward to a meticulously prepared meal. And as equally important, Instagrammable food as well!

6. Tolido’s Espresso Nook

If you are looking for more than just the regular sub-par brunch offerings at unmemorable cafes, look no further. Because we’ve got one of the most worth-it and best cafes in Bugis!

At Tolido’s Espresso Nook, expect local twists on your typical classic brunch options. One of Tolido’s Espresso Nook’s featured dishes is the Pandan Pancakes. From its sheer fragrance, you know they use freshly ground and squeezed pandan. No artificial food colouring here! Moreover, the gula melaka and vanilla ice cream create a pleasant harmony with the pancakes, making it a delightfully sweet treat.

If you’re feeling adventurous, do also give the popular 462 Prawn Laksa Pasta a go. Combining local and western flavours, the cream-based sambal sauce is paired with succulent prawns and spaghetti. You’re sure to be wow-ed!

7. Yummo Chow SG

Deep-fried ice cream, anybody? 

Located on Purvis Street, Yummo Chow SG is quietly nestled inside Hotel NuVe. Step into the hotel lobby and you will find a little sanctuary where you can enjoy a yummy meal with your loved ones.

Reviews were raving for the Beef Burger, which praised the well-seasoned and juicy patty with brioche buns toasted to perfection. The fries that come together with the burger are also crispy and covered with a flavourful spice mix.

And last but not least, if you enjoy fried food and ice cream, you should absolutely give the Tempura Ice Cream a try! Essentially, it’s a deep-fried bun stuffed with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. Yum!

8. Mother Dough

Located along North Bridge Road, Mother Dough offers delightful pastries at modest prices. Expect comforting coffee and reasonably-priced fresh bakes. Moreover, the flour used at Mother Dough is sourced from reputable and environmentally conscious grain millers.

With a dedicated team of bakers, look forward to enjoying bread and pastries with complex flavours, textures and nutritional value. In particular, you must try out their widely approved Almond and Chocolate Croissant. Like how a good and classic croissant should be, it is crusty and flaky. Hands down, this halal-certified bakery is one of the most affordable and best cafes in Bugis!


A convivial gathering space perfect for lounging around.

We’re pretty sure you can spot the irony in this cafe’s name here, which wonderfully captures its quirky and fun ambience. Located in LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, it is little wonder that LOWERCASE is founded with the vision of merging the performing arts and culinary art.

Furthermore, with good live music, specialty coffee and quality food served all day long, what more can you ask for? You can look forward to a variety of food options, such as pizzas, rice bowls, burgers and pasta. LOWERCASE is a place where you and your friends can enjoy at any time of the day.

10. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Finally, we can’t have a list of best cafes in Bugis without giving a Chye Seng Huat Hardware a shout out!

Snuggled in the compound within the Jalan Besar industrial zone, you can find a two-storey coffee complex. This cafe prides itself on serving honest coffee and food. In addition, the bar offers comfort food, baked goods, beverages and desserts, many with an Asian spin. Keep a lookout for its 2020 Anniversary Specials which include Laksa Pasta, Kaya Ice Cream Toast and Cascara Cheng Tng.

Beyond that, patrons can also learn more about coffee roasting and brewing at various zones of the cafe.


Known as a cultural basin, Bugis is where you can find diverse representations of food and culture. The next time you step into this hippy neighbourhood, be sure to refer to our guide to the 10 Best Cafes in Bugis You Should Visit!

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