8 In-Demand Jobs in Singapore in 2019 and Beyond

Experts reveal the best jobs in Singapore in 2019 given the rapid changes in technology and the economy

Given the rapid pace of technological developments in recent years, work is getting increasingly automated. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Singapore in the past have now become obsolete.

From artificial intelligence attempting to take over lawyers and chatbots responding to calls, it is no wonder that many millennials are concerned that the trend of automation will make it harder to get or change jobs in the future.

However, rather than being afraid of the technological revolution, we can choose to embrace new technologies instead. We can take up job opportunities in emerging technology fields and work alongside automation, instead of against it.

You may then start to wonder…

“Which are the best jobs in Singapore in 2019?”

“Which skills will be highly sought after as technology continues to improve?”

“What kind of jobs are future-proof and will stand the test of time?”

In this article, we explore these questions and more. 

In fact, to help you decide on your job options, we break down the most in-demand and best jobs in Singapore for 2019 and beyond. 

1. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Data Scientist

Why Data Science is Important 

In this information age, data has become a very powerful tool. Therefore, data science, which allows a business to derive insights and to make more intelligent business decisions, has become the new buzzword.

Data science is essential for various reasons.

It not only enables the business to deliver more relevant products to their customers and streamline business practices of its staff, but it also helps you identify business opportunities for the company.

The importance of data science is borne out by the statistics.

In just a short 4 years from 2013 to 2017, a LinkedIn report revealed that jobs in data science had jumped by 17 times. Given such astronomical growth, it is likely that the demand for data scientists will continue to trend upwards.

As such, it is no wonder that data scientist careers are regarded as one of the best jobs in Singapore in 2019.

What a Data Scientist’s Job Entails

It goes without saying that being a data scientist, you have to be comfortable with handling data.

Not just any data, but large amounts of data and huge data sets.

Your role as a data scientist involves discovering key insights from data to achieve business needs and objectives.

As such, you would need to have strong experience with using statistical tools as well as creating statistical learning models to analyse data. 

A data scientist is required to be familiar with math, statistics, programming as well as data mining and processing. It’s no surprise then that most data scientists have degrees in computer science, statistics and directly in data science.

Apart from technical skills, a data scientist would require some level of communication skills.

You would have to speak with the important decision-makers and managers of the company. Only then can you better understand the business goals of your company and translate them into data-driven deliverables.

2. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Digital Marketer

Questions a Digital Marketer Must be Able to Answer

How do you place digital advertisements such as Google and Facebook advertisements in front of the right audience?

What’s the best way for a website to rank well on Google search engine results page?

How do you draw readers to your website with catchy and engaging headlines and content?

As a digital marketer, you would be able to answer all these questions.

Role of the Digital Marketer

In essence, digital marketers have the crucial role of driving eyeballs to a company website.

With proper techniques, you will be able to raise brand awareness for the company. You can also help improve the company’s revenue by boosting sales.

Given the importance of the digital marketer’s job, this is seen as one of the most in-demand and best jobs in Singapore in 2019 and beyond.

Advertising-Related Skills are a Must

As part of your job as a digital marketer, you would be responsible for planning and executing digital marketing campaigns.

This requires you to use a wide variety of advertising channels including social media, search, email and display advertising. With effective advertising, you would be able to reach the ideal target audience for your company and scale the business to greater heights.

To complement your advertising strategy, you would also maintain a good social media presence for the company. This allows you to achieve business objectives such as driving traffic to your company’s website or customer engagement.

Key Skills that Every Digital Marketer Should Also Have

Additionally, digital marketers have to be familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO is highly important as it allows webpages to be optimised for people who are searching for specific keywords. Therefore, a company’s ability to be found on a search engine like Google depends on your SEO strategy.

Another important skill required by digital marketers is copywriting. As part of advertising campaigns and SEO strategies, you would have to find ways of engaging your audience.

This can only be done if you are able to write catchy titles and engaging content. Thus, copywriting would also be a useful skill for the job.

If you’re considering a job in digital marketing, having a degree or diploma in marketing or mass communications would be highly relevant.

Nonetheless, there are employers who would be willing to take you on without the requisite qualifications, as long as you can demonstrate the necessary digital marketing skills for the job in other ways.

3. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Software Engineer

Job Requirements for a Software Engineer

One of the most in-demand jobs in Singapore in 2019 is being a software engineer.

As the job title suggests, software engineer designs and develops software and computer programs. As such, to be a software engineer, you would need to be proficient in a variety of computer languages such as Python, C++, .NET and Java.

You would also require a keen understanding of the software needs of your end users. This is so that you can create new software applications that are catered to the needs of the consumers.

Employers would expect you to have certain programming or computer-related qualifications. You would require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, information systems or equivalent.

Prevalence of Software Engineering

Software engineering is required in practically every business and function, especially so in this technological era.

Almost every business in every industry would require some form of software solution relating to computer or mobile systems. In this respect, some notable products of software engineering include the webmail service Gmail and the Windows Operating System.

It is without a doubt that software engineering has made our lives easier through the development of useful applications and software.

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4. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Product Manager

What You do as a Product Manager

Product managers basically oversee all stages of the product lifecycle, eventually culminating in the development of a finished product. 

To be an effective product manager, you have to first have a vision and plan for the delivery of the end product.

From there, you create a project timeline and work towards achieving the various project milestones.

Some responsibilities of a product manager include testing the product, getting market feedback on the product features and ensuring that the product can be manufactured at scale.

Other Soft Skills Needed for the Job

As a product manager, you should also have strong communicative abilities.

This is because you would have to liaise with various teams in the development of the product.

On one hand, you’ve to get constant feedback from the sales and marketing teams as to what the customers want to see in the product.

Additionally, you have to speak to the engineering department to see whether it is possible to include certain product features and if so, how to do so.

If you possess the soft skills for the job, it is highly possible that being a product manager could be the ideal in-demand job in Singapore for you in 2019.

5. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Cyber Security Expert

The Need for Cyber Security Experts Now More Than Ever

In recent times, there has been a huge rise in cybersecurity breaches and crimes.

From the data leak of individuals on the HIV register to the cyber attack on SingHealth’s databases, it is clear that cybersecurity threats are growing.

In fact, certain online scams have been occurring in Singapore at an alarming rate.

As cyber threats get more sophisticated and complex, the demand for cybersecurity will only increase.

That’s why being a cybersecurity expert is one of the best jobs in Singapore in 2019. This highly sought-after and in-demand job in 2019 and beyond is needed to deal with the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

What You do as a Cyber Security Expert

You would have to employ techniques to protect the systems and networks of your company from the possible attacks by hackers and cybercriminals.

This means that you would have to continually stay up to date with the latest security developments in the world. You’ll also have to constantly ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in the hardware, software and computer systems.

As part of your duties, you would also likely have to conduct training for the staff to ensure that they do not become victims of cybercrimes, thereby compromising the security of your company’s system.

On a normal daily basis, you would have to provide advice to colleagues should they receive any malicious or suspicious-looking emails.

6. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Machine Learning Engineer

Job Responsibilities as a Machine Learning Engineer in Singapore

Using machine and deep learning models, machine learning engineers create systems that can automatically learn and improve based on the data that they collect.

Typically, employers would require machine learning engineers to have a strong background in programming, Python or C/C++ development.

They would also require you to be proficient in at least one area of machine learning such as natural language processing, neural networks, robotics or gesture recognition.

Machine Learning Makes Life Easier

Some applications of machine learning are the giving of online product recommendations for users and the provision of show suggestions for Netflix customers.

Machine learning does this by learning from your past purchase and viewing behaviour on a particular website or app. It then decides which items would likely match your tastes and preferences and thereafter, curates customised product recommendations for you.

Cool, right?

That’s why we consider being a machine learning engineer as one of the best jobs in Singapore in 2019 that is highly sought after and in-demand.

7. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Internet of Things (IOT) Developer

The IOT developer role is considered one of the best jobs in Singapore in 2019.

As an IOT developer, you would be in charge of various areas such as programming, networking and systems engineering so as to ensure the IOT devices operate effectively and securely. 

But, what is IOT?

Simply put, the IOT is a network of devices that are able to communicate with each other and connect to the internet.

Interesting Applications of IOT in Everyday Life

For instance, smart homes are one example of the way IOT has been integrated into our daily lives.

With IOT, you can switch on your air-conditioning before you even reach home. You can also grant or deny access to visitors remotely when you’re not at home.

Moreover, IOT has also been used in other industries such as agriculture.

By implementing IOT sensors in farms, critical information can be obtained about the moisture, nutrient density, acidity and other qualities of the soil.

In turn, farmers can use this data to increase their food production by regulating irrigation and using customised fertiliser.

How to Become an IOT Developer

If you wish to be an IOT developer, it is ideal if you have a degree in computer science or electrical engineering.

This is because you need to demonstrate to employers your expertise in programming and understanding of wireless communication and sensors.

You also should be familiar with developing products that are user-friendly.

This will allow you to develop products and systems that are usable by all individuals, even those who are not tech-savvy. In so doing, you are able to deliver the greatest value to the customers.

Thus, it would be beneficial if you have prior experience with User Interface or User Experience design.

8. In-Demand Jobs in Singapore – Scrum Master

What is a Scrum Master?

One of the most highly sought after jobs for 2019 in the technology sector in Singapore is the Scrum Master. In fact, some view it as one of the best jobs in Singapore in 2019 and beyond.

A Scrum Master uses Scrum, which is a lightweight framework for Agile development, to lead teams.

The Agile methodology for product development makes use of an iterative development process composed of a series of ‘sprints’ that are limited in duration. These sprints are each assigned goals to be achieved at the end of the sprint.

During each sprint, the Scrum Master will hold Daily Scrum sessions, where team members have to answer the following 3 questions:

(1) What did I complete yesterday that contributed to the sprint goal?
(2) What do I plan to complete today to contribute to the sprint goal?
(3) Do I see any impediment that could prevent the team from meeting the sprint goal?

Should there be any impediments or obstacles, the Scrum Master will direct team members to work towards finding a resolution.

Skills Needed for the Scrum Master Role

While there aren’t any pre-requisite qualifications to be a Scrum Master, it helps if you possess certain traits.

In particular, an important skill for Scrum Masters is the ability to keep everything organised. This would allow for the entire team to stay on schedule and tackle the task assignments in a timely fashion.

If you’re not a naturally organised person, fret not. You can always make use of the various online project management tools to help you with this.

Furthermore, the Scrum Master should have some level of technical understanding so that they can guide their teams along for software or product development. This may not necessarily require you to have a technical background, however, it does mean that you have to make an effort to comprehend the technology behind the product(s).

Moreover, due to the need to liaise with cross-functional teams in the company and various stakeholders, a Scrum Master should also have strong communication and leadership abilities.


If you’re in the process of applying for a job, it is good to know the options out there for the most in-demand jobs in Singapore. Only then can you make an informed decision about which jobs you should be looking at to future-proof your job security.

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